This is between us

Very rarely do you have or meet people you can comfy in or listen to them tell you things. More than none when a person says to you, “this is between us!” It’s not just between you two. Anything you say they will say to another.
Kids, let me put you on to game! When you have seen this as a child, teenager, and young adult time after time. In your adulthood, you learn how to read people and signs. You also have people who You may comfy in who will tell others as well. How to check this is feed them a little and see. The person or people they have discussed what you had told them will react in different ways. It can be their approach to you, how they act, and what they may say. Now, there are many ways you can approach this situation. You can take the next person or people feed them something and watch them all act dumb as shit or you can shut down everything by ignoring them all. Most people have no honor, respect, truth, and morals. You must always maintain your square. But remember this is how hostile environments occur and how fights occur. Most people have to be involved in drama to feel important. Some people are just that emotionally and mentally ill too! Pay attention and observe thoroughly. Jealousy and envy is a disease that can be cured but it takes those who have the disease a lot of medication and therapy. Sometimes you may just have to whoop that ass also. If it’s a female that does this, laugh at her and totally ignore her. She’s miserable and lonely at the end of the day! If it’s a male who does it, lol, he’s what is called a Boo Boo Booty! Laugh at him also. Make sure you, as I said keep it authentic and up front at whatever you say and do. This is your armor. It’s called Truth and Justice. This guarantees you to be justified at whatever action you take. And watch it All come together how you want it to!
Ralan Tehuti Ahku Sahu

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