The Veil Tw0

These perpetuated lies, false doctrines, false history, denial, stolen knowledge, blatant disregard of the facts, cover up, blind, religious, unstudied, mixing up religious faith with metaphysics and Egyptian mystery school having people need to stop! I say again… You people need to stop! These veils are off over here in ELLAMENTAL. Your whole religions and …

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The M0ther

Let me explain something to you. A woman who does not know who she is will not understand anything about me. She will totally approach me incorrectly rather it’s sexually or in trying to control and manipulate, argue and debate, mistreat and not listen. To read more visit:

Manifestation Chapter Two

When we have the knowledge to do things and tools. 0ne can begin to draft his or her blueprint to achieve their goals. Below, most do not get past one or two when involving information like this. Most use these tools or knowledge to attain selfish emotional energy. Basically, apply to emotional gratification. So-called interpersonal …

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