Easier Said Than Done

Easier said than done? Well, shut up and do it! Work at it! Give it an honest effort. Hey, look, Siriusly! Being around people who constantly complain about pain, whatever the pain is can eventually drain your energy. Words have power. They really do. I may seem to you hard and mean. No, on the contrary! I refuse to be around draining energy! So I speak out about it just like you complain! We have to be tough with ourselves. There are times and places for everything! What most fail to realize is what we put our thoughts into also effects us. If you are constantly around sick people their sickness effects you. So you must heal yourself while taking care of others. Stretching exercises, breathing, #ooo0HMmmm, relaxing the mind and body will help you. Believe that! This and other knowledge can assist you. Take time out for yourself. Sitting there with attitude and stress about how I deliver certain things that may seem harsh to you is a bullshit excuse. You rather people like those who you have been around all this time that drain you keep draining you? If you love them love you too and replenish yourself. Running to a bottle or forms of drugs isn’t the solution. Cause look….. You are still drained!