Manifestation Chapter Two

When we have the knowledge to do things and tools. 0ne can begin to draft his or her blueprint to achieve their goals. Below, most do not get past one or two when involving information like this. Most use these tools or knowledge to attain selfish emotional energy. Basically, apply to emotional gratification. So-called interpersonal relationships or lust. Rather than balancing the energy when applying to constructive goals and critical thinking. A major reason why in the physical realm the poor stay poor and unknowing. 
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0. The will to want to know and do
1. Attaining the knowledge
2. Create the tools e knowledge to know how to apply or create and find the tools needed.
3. Create the tools
4. Master the tools
5. Make space, Measure, Draft and Engineer the formulas and blueprints (create)
6. Til the land (The Mind, meditation).
7. Begin steps in applying without doubt
8. Be open to learn, recalculate, readjust, modify
9. Respect and understand Time. In time you will complete your goals
Keep in mind before taking on anything before speaking on topics from your feelings~ you must have the equations, tools, information, and data before speaking on or doing anything. So many people speak before they really know and have to backtrack continuously because of their reluctance to listen. They just, “blurt out” and ramble without fully comprehending. I see this a lot. Those who learn a little bit of something without fully knowing. This is why Eldership is at a low. Rushing the process, wanting to be seen as intelligent, and or very excited about what they have learned. We have to be able to explain step by step what it is that we know by example, study, and application. (Wisdom). Remember in Wisdom is ooo0HMmmm.-
When we come to the understanding that The Holy (Whole) Spirit is nothing but  Manifestation. That is created from nothing (zer0) to a thought, thought through meditation and contiplati0n, into action which is ING (Apply~ing Applied Science). Which gives us Wisdooo0HMmmm… 
\ iŋ also ēŋ; in some dialects & in other dialects informally inən also ēn; after certain consonants ᵊnᵊmᵊŋ\

Definition of -ing

 (Entry 1 of 3)

1action or process running sleeping: an instance of an action or process a meeting
2aproduct or result of an action or process an engravingoften in plural earnings
bsomething used in an action or process a bed covering the lining of a coat
3action or process connected with (a specified thing)boating
4something connected with, consisting of, or used in making (a specified thing) scaffolding shirting
5something related to (a specified concept) offing

Definition of -ing (Entry 2 of 3)

one of a (specified) kind sweeting

Definition of -ing (Entry 3 of 3)

used to form the present participle sailing and sometimes to form an adjective resembling a present participle but not derived from a verb
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