The M0ther


Let me explain something to you. A woman who does not know who she is will not understand anything about me. She will totally approach me incorrectly rather it’s sexually or in trying to control and manipulate, argue and debate, mistreat and not listen. I know who you are but you have been plagued with misinformation, veils, parables, lies, and unspeakable treason! What you know today the truth was taken away from you and replaced with a myth called the Holy Spirit. Yet my dear “Womb”man Ye are the first created who creates Man and Woman! The Grand Architect.

ELLAMENTAL first 4 teachings:
1. 0ne is to zer0ut
2. While zeroing out 0ne must #ooo0HMmmm. ooo0HMmming helps to connect with Nature (Mother Nature). It’s vibrations, Energy, Wattage, Frequency, Magnetic Fields, and Rhythms. This can be done with the elements: 1. Earth (just sitting around on land). 2.Air by breathing in and out. 3. Fire (by a fireplace or Bonfire). 4. Water (swimming pool, shower, fountain or sink).
3. Save The Woman, Saves The Child Saves Mankind!
African Proverb: If you educate a man you will educate an individual. If you educate a woman, you will educate a nation.
4. Mathematics = MA -them – Atic
(atic= of the nature of the thing specified) Mother of them specified.

When people ask me Am I A Mason? I say to them, I Am Me. My Mother’s Son. Ma son’s little boy! I Am ELLAMENTAL. I Am A Carbon Copy of The Goddess in her likeness and image.

Imagine if I showed you what the word ELLAMENTZ meant. It will open your eyes more to who I am and what I represent and what you have forgotten. But for now, I leave you with this. I Am far from crazy! My duty and obligation are to balance The MAtriarch and PAtriarch Degrees with everything in me that was once done in Ancient Kemet! I Am No Fool! I know that you truly have forgotten who you are! I never did. So to all you women who I have encountered and have pissed you off. It is you who pissed yourself off! Blind eyes and deaf ears.

Creating ELLAMENTAL is my greatest contribution to My Mother. You! It’s well thought out, backed by facts, and applied.

This symbol (BELOW) alone is the highest degree of ELLAMENTAL that represents the WOMAN! Until you wake up. I will continue my crusade…

I LOVE YOU!!!!! #ooo0HMmmm #ELLAMEEEEENTZ S.M.I.L.E. (Some Make It Look Easy) (Students Making Intelligent Life Experiences) (Sirius Minds Innerstands Life Energies)!

So Mote It Be. All Is ELL.







From My Book