The M0ther Chapter Two



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If The MAather, MAtter, Mother, Nature, The Mistress of The ELLAMENTZ (Elements) doesn’t know herself. N0t even understanding who she is and cannot remove veils to unlock the mysterious, mysteries, and masteries. She will always remain lost. Isis (to you) Auset and of Many names. She holds not in worship but in contributing attributes of herself. She holds many keys to unlocking many mysteries. We are not to worship the gods of Egypt. This is not what was done at all. What was done, as I said before contribute the attributed to the self and made manifest to know as “gods” was the way to teach in order to understand the attributes and knowledge. Egypt personified the attributes for correlation.

She who knows will be happy as wELL as he. (S)he represents ALL of Mankind or Humanity. The Creator 0f All. She is Fertility and the archetype for creation (Matter). She is creation, ascension, The Mother of The Father, Rebirth, intuition, psychic abilities, Understanding, Wisdom, love, The Womb, and compassion. Until the Woman wakes Up and Realizes Her Equal Position On The Square She Will Remain In Poor Choices and The World Will Remain Lost and Uncivilized. Just Think. The Mother Chooses The Men Who Then Create The Children 0f The W0rld! Look Around. Everyone Descended From Heaven As Men 0r W0men. So, Who Governs The World? Deceitful Men With A Patriarchal and Misogynist’s Point of View That Takes The Mother From Her Shared Thrown and Represented By A Man AS The Father. When No Man Can Reproduce Himself! There should be a call for Balance. Truth and Justice MAat. This is The 0HMniversal Way.


  1. 1.
    a person who dislikes despises or is strongly prejudiced against women.


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