The MAaterial World

Let’s build. Let’s do the MAath! since many do not grasp what I speak on. Yes, you the 0ne that thinks that I’m tripping or has issues. Remember if you have read my writings on the veil on my website. I hope this touches your spirit and helps you remove a veil.
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We are living the life of a material world. Going to work to pay bills and buy things correct? We are taught that the devil is about money or that money is evil~ yet we do all these things above to survive in the material world or physical world. Eliminating the fact that we are spiritual beings who have lost our way to this material world of existence. It’s trickery and it makes us be materialistic~ because we all are~ doesn’t matter who you are. We are materialistic! People have become obsessive, controlling, and possessive not realizing that this design makes us this way. We fall further and further from who and what we are. Many are praying (wishing) to images and false entities which nothing is happening but the one thing…. Materialisticness! Then there is Idolatry and Vanity! (look at how many selfies you have).
While the unwillingness to see and hear remains the tools of the powers that be. Keeping the masses of us ignorant and fighting amongst each other over sex, money, drugs, religion, race, and politics we won’t focus on the fact that the world we live in has been changed and altered. Knowledge taken from Ancient Kemet sifted and used to apply the Ancient Mystery Schools in their favor.
Pay attention closely. The average teenager when they hit 13 to 14 years old or puberty they start Wilding out! Have you ever thought that it took 13 years to break them of their spirituality and that what is really happening is that they are trying to rebel instinctively from this mockery of life but we begin to break them down even more!? We do the work for the matrix! (Matricks~ Ma-tricks, mother tricks) This MAterial world is designed for the Ma or mother ~ the spiritual~ but since she has been dethroned and tricked she is out of tune logically which shows that the world is unbalanced. The proof you say? Look around!