The Veil

The Veil
It’s very difficult to remove veils from our eyes. It’s not one veil like it is said to be. Who knows how many veils there are. Yet, the more and more we remove them the more and more we can see. It is a very difficult process due to the fact of what we have been taught and told. From who we are to who and what God is. We do not know why language and understanding how they were invented. I speak much about the woman. She is very important to life as we know it. Yet, we are not taught this and how she was dethroned by the predecessors (predators) of Kemet and by those Kemeticians who wanted power and prestige!
It is my duty and obligation to help you learn how to unveil yourself so that y0ur eyes may see and your ears may hear. Listen, the eyes and ears are very important to understand. Without being technical I will explain in other chapters on the eyes and ears.
To piggyback on language. Language was created specifically for its religious counterparts. Briefly, English is to Christianity and Catholicism, Hebrew to Judaism, and Arabic to Islam. This too I will speak in-depth about in other chapters on language and etymology.
Back to the M0ther. As I said previously, the woman is extremely important to our well being. Through Patriarchal deceivings (Male dominant ego-), she was systematically subtracted from her shared throne (game of thrones) and replaced by your now prophets or Gods. (Jesus, Muhammad etc.) Notice how religions are male dominant?