The Veil Tw0

These perpetuated lies, false doctrines, false history, denial, stolen knowledge, blatant disregard of the facts, cover up, blind, religious, unstudied, mixing up religious faith with metaphysics and Egyptian mystery school having people need to stop! I say again… You people need to stop! These veils are off over here in ELLAMENTAL. Your whole religions and faith-based knowledge are not your own. Khemet Mothered and Fathered your alphabets, number systems, Your so-called fake /G\ Masonry, Gods, mathematics, biology, science, BASICALLY!!!! EVERY DAMN THING YOU KNOW COMES FROM EGYPT! From architecture to agriculture. Writing to drawing/painting! Everything.

thetempELLisyou from the book of ellamental philosophies by Ralan Tehuti Ahku Sahu


Have any of my friends ~ Jews, Christians, Catholics, and Muslims ever stop to think Why do you only know of upper and lower Egypt/Africa! But can’t trace your heritage back to anything else? You were not (Your ancestors) were not found in any other parts of the world 4,000-50,000 (and more) years ago! Even if the Book of Enoch was set with the bible it wouldn’t fit the history correctly. Your whole creation stories originated from the knowledge your ancestors were taught by, manipulated, and stole from Khemet. So how can any of you be original? No hebrew Books, Islamic Books, Christian books came before Egypt… N0ne 0f It! Either you are part of the problem or a problem solver. A Hispanic from South America has more Khemetic blood origins in them to ever consider themselves Christian or Catholic! What’s the need for faith when you know. But you still need faith mixing it with religious made up texts that follow a doctrine. Nothing is left to chance or faith when Y0U KN0W!


Why do so many of you not see a problem with not excepting Egypt as your foundation!? When it’s in everything religions, MAathematics, Architecture, Sciences, Medical. Etc? You people will put false faces on the true Identity. Then fight, bite, scream, and scratch in denial! That’s like denying your mother and father is your mother and father because you are mad! Stubborn and selfish you are! It’s undeniable If you track the 3 Major religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) Track Persia, Hebrew, Roman, and Greek. Study MAathematics, Biology, Physiology, Etymology, Semiotics, Anthropology, Archeology, and Medicine just to name a few ~ without your so-called religious faith and as a Scholar without prejudice… The facts will be right in your face! Hell, if you study Theology (correctly) It will expose Egypt!!! Let’s get down to the facts. If you haven’t partaken in these degrees of study. You shouldn’t even talk to me.

Female and Male and the ALL in the middle

To pick up religions as truth is like denying woman is God! Denying woman is God is denying the female aspect of Man! Without the balance of the male and female aspects in man and woman is denying the truth 0f it “ALL”. So how can one study the tree of Life, the Kabala, The Ahnk without Truth, Justice, and balance of MAat!? Picking up religions is Misogyny at its finest! To deny the M0ther who do rights as the actual first Creation unless you say Aliens created man first and truly believe that. When can then talk only of that information.


noun: theology
  1. the study of the nature of God and religious belief.
    • religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.
      plural noun: theologies
      “a willingness to tolerate new theologies”
late Middle English (originally applying only to Christianity): from French théologie, from Latin theologia, from Greek, from theos ‘god’ + -logia (see -logy).
  1. the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.

    From My Book

    From my Book