“Sticks and Stones may Break My Bones But Words Will Never Hurt Me.”
This is a lie! The Part is about words will never hurt me. Words hurt. Words can give life also. Words can be manipulated and changed to sound good and have a double meaning behind them that can hurt the future of generations. Words are the most prolific atomic bomb known to man followed by actions. We can be killed by our words. We can be praised for our words. Words can make us laugh and cry! Words can make us mad and angry that which can create violence or give soothing peace to one’s mind, soul and spirit. Words create laws. Words can set boundaries. Words can change history. Words are magical. It is also said that ~ “Actions Speak Louder Than Words!” Yet~ In Many Cases ~ Words are the soundboard to action even if the words are not spoken aloud they are thought first then the actions comes after in most cases. You hear the words in your mind! A WordSmith and 0r Scribe innerstands the Arts and The Crafts to Words and How They Can Even Destroy A Government. Words are Mathematical Expressions unseen by the untrained Eye. Why Do You Think Letters Are Also Represented In Mathematics?
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My Thinking was in Word Form Before I started Typing them in Action. Does not My Actions Speak Louder or do They Speak Equally? With the right words. One can change others minds to be or not to be and do or not do! Words are a giver to your thoughts that you hear first in your mind and if you ever heard my voice I can place my words and voice in your mind as you read this or it’s just your voice. Whichever. Your eyes, brain, and voice will repeat these words to yourself unless you are reading aloud ~ yet they will be on repeat. “Mark My Words!” This is what makes Music even more powerful. Words… Last Time That I Checked! There was An Ahnk Around My Neck!