I really think that people do not understand that people do not have to initially learn from books. What is sent to each individual from the Cosmos is their selected information to know and learn. Then by writing it out or drawing it, we seal this information in, then rebroadcast it out to receive the next intervals.

The way that I received my information was through dreams and what you would call daydreaming. In turn, this guided me to further research then information through books (library – before the internet). But first, I was seeing things, hearing things, having out-of-body experiences, touching people and seeing scenarios that happened in their lives. Being able to predict outcomes, as well as, seeing colors around people, seeing smoke around people, not seeing shadows from people. It was frightening at first.

In my dreams, I would meet beings who would tell, show, and teach me things… Then Booom! 0ne day I woke up out my sleep and could completely understand Spherical Trigonometry. I started to understand Physics, Algebra, Measurements, and I started seeing mathematics in Nature… this leads me into architecture. semiotics, linguistics, etymology, biology, anatomy and so much more. I started to realize the beauty in the human body the beauty in creating things from measuring and circling I even started to understand mechanic engineering (engineering as a whole), how sound can affect us, how light affects us, how darkness effects us. I wasn’t shown gods and goddess, kings and queens, wars, religions, I was shown~

Female and Male and the ALL in the middle

if we can expand our minds we can do more with what we have… Our mind, body, and the earth. I was shown star constellations and maps to places. This is when I learned that each and every human being on the planet serves a purpose. Every bird, animal, fish, insect, tree, and flower (everything). The more and more I studied this information the more and more I didn’t need certain types of knowledge to share because someone else is chosen specifically for what they teach, speak, and believe because it is all part of a WHOLE. I learned that aliens, besides us, shapeshifters everything is part of the whole. From there my only concerns is to be the best being I can be for me. Fuck everyone else and share with those that want to hear what I’m learning.


I began to recognize energy. Today I spell it INergy. I also came to the conclusion that what Kemeticians were explaining iSN’T what we think are gods IT is only manifestations of the elements (ELLAMENTZ) and the aspects 0f Human nature. These attributes are contributed to all people (in the sum of). <—- #ELLAMENTALMAATHEMATICS 

From my Book