Within With0ut

In my studies, for over 25 years I have recognized a pattern amongst the common. Many are fond of outside influences (trained thinking) to better themselves. Gods, elixirs, roots, herbs, oils, foods, candles, incense, etc. But fail to realize that the energies also start within as well as outward. So the first studies one should take up starts with understanding the whole self. Then Mental training. Training in the fields of Sociology. Psychology, MAAthematics, (measurements, weights, distances, volume, sound, light,) Anatomy, Biology, Alchemy, Architecture, and more.
I can tell those who really study their information by how the information is presented rather right or wrong. What I am discussing above~ your (the) information becomes more solidified when it reaches a point of questioning the essence of its origin. Self! NTR! NATURE! INERGY! (energy).
Truth is ~ Most only regurgitate what they heard and think they know without fully studying, extensively researching on their own, and experimenting with what they know/learned ~ which makes them unqualified for what they speak on~ if they do have the “substances” that may help or not.
Let’s discuss~ the correct quantities upon usage for self and others. Quantities and usage have to be measured in order to work for the individual. This is why in ELLAMENTAL I teach or speak on so much that others don’t which will coincide with the inner workings of the self and what is spoken is found in nature (NTR) and in (Masonically called Architecture which is in all things). Most people do not know that Psychoacoustics is a piece of knowledge and study, ultra magnetics is a piece of knowledge and study, and more. There is much misunderstood, unknown, involuntary researched/studied, and misinterpreted information out there that leads us to constraints and regiven to us in a little piece when the whole of us is taken since birth or since conception. (Your essence. INERGY).
So much of~ knowledge of self is not prevalent to the masses and once seen it is quickly ridiculed and deemed evil. How can knowing oneself be seen as evil? When the powers to be refuse to allow you to know yourself through its manipulation. The system rather gives you a NEO or Savior or God than an awakened you! In turn, so many people still chase the ideas of these Gods and Saviors by tieing them into Egypt as well. Where no one is really getting anywhere but in debates and arguments. Lower vibrations.
the book of ΣLL∀MƐNTAL ∀ΦΨΠ and Human Whisperer