O pronounced Oh
In ELLAMENTAL I use the Oh as 0
0 pronounced zer0 
0 or O is interchangeable with the letter U
U is or equal to You.

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N0w~ when Y0U is used together it becomes the first person of You manifested. So when I say 0ne mathematically it’s 0 and 1 or
zer0 and One which is y0u in real time must zerout (zer0ut) relax and meditate… To understand what I Am saying here.

0 or O is also represented by X as well. Pay attention closely.
the Y in Y0U (U) is the Y chromosome and the X or 0O is the X chromosome.

the 0O squared or times 2 looks like this XX DOU YOU KNOW WHAT THE DOUBLE x IS? Yes! You got it! Wow! It represents the Female chromosome. The Y is? WHAT!? YOU GOT IT! It6 is Man! it looks like this XY or 0Y or OY!

take a break zerout I know you are excited! See how 0O looks like two eyes LOL!!! or Xx you are sleep or knocked out! hahahahahaha!

Back to the Science and MAathematics.

The 0 if you will represent the Womb (see pick below) The Anhk woman…


The Y chromosome is present in males, who have one X and one Y chromosome, while females have two X chromosomes.

See now how this is U or You? You or U = the Universe as Man and Woman.

Ok. Let’s touch on ooO0HMmmm which is 8 letters and 1 number (save this for the bo0k. Why it’s spelled with 8 letters and 1 number.)

When a woman is having a baby or in labor or having contractions she has to Zerout, remain calm, and breathe right!? She must square up! Breathe in rhythm ooo0HMmmm reduces the pain breathing in and 0ut! Rhythmic Breathing. Oh! It’s becoming clearer U say?


If you Zer0ut~ allow yourself to square up~ and ooO0HMmmm. This Science and Mathematics will gradually hit y0u.

I will stop right here. Reread it if you will allow yourself to process the information and how important it is to know and understand the Siriusness in ELLAMENTAL I don’t Xpect likes to this unless a person really understands it! Cause if you do you were and are zerout (zeroed out to manifest the information).

Pay close attention to the  Logo. 1. look in the right upper corner THE XY and little circle above it’s the representation of man and woman in the 5 and 6 point star! #ELLAMENTALMAathematics


From my book
#TheHumanWhisperer #StudyMaterial